Our Animals


Our current dogs include strays and owner surrenders. Pictured is Maggie, abandoned by her family as a puppy due to post op complications. She is now healthy and adoptable to the perfect home. 


We have many cats, each with a story. Our cats live in their own house with an attached catio. Most of our cats are former ferals. Some are more tame than others. Asia is a farm favorite. 


Our horses are all rescues that are permanent residents at the sanctuary. Pictured is Serenity, a successful racehorse that was thrown away after a career-ending injury. As a result, she has neurologic issues. 


We have a large herd of sheep and goats. Most were owner surrenders. We LOVE goats. The sanctuary is named after our favorite goat, Barney, who tragically passed away. 


BFS currently only has one donkey... Henry. He was rescued by a friend from Craigslist. A horse that she adopted did not get along with Henry. We GLADLY took him off her hands! He is a little guy with a huge personality! 


We have several different kinds of birds including chickens, ducks and a goose! The birds are strictly pets and they are only  kept in the coop at night. Pictured is Randy the Rooster. He was at risk of being 'processed' by his former owner. He will live out his days at BFS.